dijous, 8 de juny de 2023


1) Exercise : choose (affirmative)
2) Exercise: write the verb (affirmative)

3) Exercise: choose (negative)
4) Exercise: write the negative sentence

5) Exercise: put the words in order
6) Exercise: choose the correct question
7) Exercise: write the correct question.


8) Exercise: insert the adjectives in brackets
9) Exercise: insert the adjectives in brackets

divendres, 26 de maig de 2023

Object pronouns


EXPLANATION 1: In Spanish, basic

EXPLANATION 2: in Spanish, with audio (complete)

Exercise 1: choose one object pronoun.
Exercise 2: choose me, you, him, her, us, them 
Exercise 3: write the sentence with the correct object pronoun.
Exercise 4: choose the correct word of the three lists above.
Exercise 5: choose the correct word of the three lists above.

dimarts, 23 de maig de 2023

Compound adjectives


1- EXERCISE: Choose the correct form for each sentence.

2- EXERCISE: choose the correct adjective

3- EXERCISE:  create a COMPOUND ADJECTIVE by combining the words in bold in the first sentence. Don't forget to add a hyphen (-) 

4- EXERCISE: Fill in the gaps with the compound adjectives in English

5- EXERCISE: Fill in each space in the following sentences with an appropriate compound adjective (the first word is given)